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Established over 15years, TAIKO co., Ltd. who has had professional knowledge
and technology in many fields, has imported outstanding laboratorial equipments
from the United States, Japan and Europe and supplied them to local companies,
research centers, and hospitals. At the same time, we have devoted ourselves to perfect
after-sale service and do our best to offer hi-technology and information.
In addition, we have delivered Redox-Harmony, revolutionary water treatment apparatus
which has been developed for a long time to local companies and now started exporting it to Japan
and other Asian companies.
We, all the staff in TAIKO co., Ltd, promise that we make entire efforts to develop better goods
through securing high-technology and investment of continuous research & development.

Thank you.

Human being can not live on the earth without "air".
But people don't recognize how important it is. Basic science is like air.
Fundamental science has led us to this better world than before.
We, Taiko industrial cooperation, do our best to be
like air for people who have worked with enthusiasm in this field .

Being Global Leader of Fundamental Science . . .

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